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Liznjan is a village in the southern part of Istria, 12 km south-west of Pula, 2 km of Medulin. A picturesque fishermen`s village, a resort for all the tourists who want to avoid summer crowds, with a nice beach in the vicinity. Angling represents a possible pastime as well as hunting in the surroundings.
Chief occupations are farming and tourism - horsemanship. There is a ranch situated between Medulin and Liznjan, offering riding.
Although traditionally oriented towards agriculture and fishing, Liznjan is also known for its 28 km coastline dotted with many rocky beaches, while the place itself has a wonderful swimming beach. Marlera promontory and its beach are the most famous attractions of Liznjan. The beach is facing south, and just across there is a small island Levan with a beautiful sand beach. 6 km from Ližnjan, on the south-east coast of Marlera promontory we find Cape Grkova. From 1865 to 1880 lasted the construction of a...


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